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After the purchase of the property, the Pasquinelli family started the reclamation of the farm. The olive trees, abandoned for years, have been pruned and put back into production again, yielding an oil of exceptional quality. Recently, a working farm was also introduced to raise bees, goats, and horses. In addition to the olives, a vegetable garden and fruit trees were also planted. If you love nature, explore the estate and little by little discover these natural riches, and see the origin of the typical products we offer with your own eyes.

Olive Oil

Thanks to the purely natural method of cultivating the olives, our olive oil is distinct for its unique flavour and consistency.


On the property, you will find apricot, apple, pear and plum trees whose produce is available to our guests.


Our sheeps and chickens are raised on natural feed produced by farmers in the province. For children and nature lovers, it is an opportunity to be in close contact with these sweet and friendly animals.

The Vegetables Garden

Our garden produce varies from zucchini and aubergines to tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, melons and beans.


A recent addition is a 3500 square metre snail farm intended to supply restaurants as part of the Italian culinary tradition.