Is Casale de’ Pasquinelli only a venue for weddings?

Absolutely not; all or part of the premises may be hired simply for a holiday stay.

In the case of a wedding or general event, is it possible to hire only part of the premises?

No, an event is only possible if the entire premises are hired exclusively.

If I have hired all or part of the premises for a holiday, will an event be held there at the same time by other people?

Absolutely not; if the premises are hired by holiday guests, no events are permitted in that period.

Is public transport available in the area?

Unfortunately local public transport is not available nearby. We recommend a car or the use of a taxi in the case of short stays.

Do taxis serve the area?

Taxis, people carriers and minibuses are all available locally.

Are there restaurants accessible on foot?

There are two restaurants at walking distance.

Are there shops accessible on foot?

The nearest shop is around 7 minutes away by car.

Does the building have air conditioning?

All bedrooms have air conditioning. Villa Margherita also has air conditioning in the living room.

Are pool and bathroom towels supplied?

Yes, the price includes the supply of pool and bathroom towels.

Do the bathrooms provide a welcome package?

Yes, all bathrooms will have a set of shampoo, conditioner, shower cap, hand soap and hair drier.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, all apartments have Wi-Fi.